Our Purpose

The Water and Wildlife Habitat Trust will advocate for healthy waterways and wildlife habitat and promote and facilitate whole of catchment collaborative partnerships for ecologically sustainable land use, nature conservation and enhanced community involvement, education and enjoyment.

Who we are

We are a registered Charitable Trust and, together with our supporters and volunteers, are working to ensure our precious waterways are ecologically healthy and enjoyed for generations to come. Please explore our site and read more about each of our programmes.

Today many of our waterways are no longer safe for swimming, pollution loads are increasing and aquatic and terrestrial wildlife in and around our waterways are struggling to survive. The WWHT is tackling this serious environmental and social problem.

We are:

  • advocating improvements to policy, plans and programs for healthy waterways,
  • currently managing healthy waterways restoration projects in the Selwyn/Waikirikiri catchment above Te Waihora, and
  • engaging stakeholders, including farmers, to develop more healthy waterways programs in priority catchments in Canterbury.

  • Goals to 2023


    1. To have 7 Trustees for WWHT with diversity of skills, age and sex.

    2. A competent financial management system.

    3. Effective Human Resources and Health and Safety systems.

    4. An annual operating plan and budget doing good things for waterways.

    5. Set up collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.


    1. Healthy waterways policy, plans and programs and a national, regional and zone level.

    2. Catchment scale restoration planning and resourcing model.

    3. Conservation of threatened species.

    4. Ecologically sustainable land and water resource use and enjoyment.

    Healthy Waterways Project Development

    1. 2-3 catchment scale healthy waterways restoration projects identified with landowner co-operation.

    2. Project planning and landowner engagement scheme actioned

    Healthy Waterways Project funding

    1. Potential funding, partners and sponsored engaged;

    2. Million Metres crowd funding

    3. Funding proposals and applications for 2 healthy waterways projects funded for 3-5 years.

    Healthy Waterways Project implementation

    1. Current healthy waters projects on Snake Ck and Silver Stream in Selwyn River catchment completed, funding acquitted and outcomes reported.

    2. New healthy waterways project initiated.